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Gemini Thailand – Gemini Personnel Recruitment Co., Ltd.

As a regionally renowned company, we have established ourselves as a significant presence in the industry, which is a factor in helping us grow as one of the leading agencies in Thailand.
We have developed a comprehensive regional recruitment network, with facilities located in different countries all across the region, putting us in perfect position to help companies connect with the most appropriate, best-equipped professionals to meet their needs.
We can help with connecting the most suitable professionals with temporary assignments in multination companies. We are also able to perform contract hiring responsibilities for corporate purposes.
With our resources, expertise and experience in the field, we are highly qualified to aid government and semi-government agencies in finding the most capable, most suitable candidates for employment.
In addition to helping with the recruitment process, we are also capable of handling payroll responsibilities for multinational companies. Our diverse portfolio of services allows us to supplement corporations with sufficient back-end support to help smooth and expedite operations, regardless of business size.


Here at Gemini Recruitment, we have an unwavering commitment to providing the best quality services to our clientele. This same dedication and commitment has made us arguably the leading recruitment agency with in Asia.

Talent search

With our highly stringent talent search and recruitment process, we guarantee our customers the best professional selections, the most qualified personnel to meet the needs of your company.

We are proud partners of the NPA, IXPA and Career Star Group networks, all world leaders in their fields, that allow us to support clients and candidates on a global level.

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