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Payroll and Compensations and Benefits Administration Solutions

J.M. Gemini can give you the option to outsource your payroll services, to allow staff to concentrate on more strategic tasks without getting bogged down on back-office duties.

Whether you are an established company or if your business is new to China, chances are you are still processing a lot of paperwork to keep your company running. Time and capacity to run everything smoothly can be a scarce resource.  J.M. Gemini can offer you a solution to your payroll dilemmas by providing an outsourced Payroll and Compensation & Benefits administration service.  Our payroll applications can be adapted across all industry sectors, positions, and we can deal with multiple job roles at once.

We take care of our clients’ payroll issues in order to remove the difficulty in hiring staff. Outsourcing it to J.M. Gemini’s experienced staff allows you to hand over the responsibility while it frees up valuable time so you can focus on areas such as setting up your business or developing new business.

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