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Outplacement and Career Transition

Your trusted partner in times of change

In the ever changing business environment it is inevitable that, from time to time, organisations need to streamline or restructure their operations and resources strategically. Increasingly, reputable and responsible employers are looking to provide career transitional services to their impacted employees.
In times of change, Gemini is your trusted partner in delivering professional career transition services:

– Career Star Group’s exclusive provider in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
With over 800 offices in 75 countries, excellent local job market understanding and the ability to provide the very best solutions, Career Star Group is the global leader in career transition and ideally positioned to support you and your organisation with its career transition and outplacement needs.

– 15 years of experience
Established in 1983, Gemini has grown into regional leader in human capital management boasting 10 offices across the Asia region. For 35 years we have been providing first class recruitment, career transition, training and assessment services for Hong Kong and Asia.

– Inhouse, dedicated career coaches
Our experienced, in-house coaches strive to deliver premium transitional support to our clients. Using a results-focused approach aligned with our in-depth local expertise, we work closely with the impacted employees to ensure a smooth transition, while keeping our clients updated with regular reporting.

Outplacement support

Making staff redundant is a difficult process for all involved. Providing career transition services is a proven method of making a positive difference to impacted employees. It helps soften the blow, gets them into new employment more quickly and improves the reputation of your company as an employer that cares about its people.
Today, an ever increasing number of responsible employers recognise the value of outplacement services in order to both take care of their employees post-employment and to protect their brand in such situations. Whether you require single individual or complex multi-site downsizing, our tailor made people-centric outplacement programmes provide employees with the reassurance they need during this period of transition.

How we help your organisation How we help your employees
Strengthen your reputation and brand Rebuild their confidence
Ensure a smooth transition to minimize the
unnecessary cost and risks
Create elevator pitch and personal brand
Minimise damage to staff morale and
Strategize job search approach
Provide necessary training and preparations for
your management team prior to the change
Articulate values


With businesses across industries globally being transformed by AI and digitalisation, it’s predicted that many of the jobs existing today will need to be replaced or recrafted. On top of that, 60% of the jobs the next generation’s workforce will perform don’t even exist today. Companies are facing skills gaps and are taking immediate action to fast-track the upskilling and reskilling of their workforce, enabling them to be redeployed. Redeployment not only keeps a company’s workforce agile, reduces turnover rates and redundancy costs, it also presents a new opportunity to retain valuable employees by maximising their potential in a new position.

If your organisation is facing significant transformation, such as office/plant relocations, M&A, group redundancy, digitalisation/blockchain related changes, Gemini offers a variety of redeployment support solutions, from facilitating redeployment awareness seminars to full redeployment programme support to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Exit interviews

A thorough and professional exit interview provides invaluable insight into your workplace and enables you to pinpoint ways of improving employee engagement and retention. Better work/life balance? More annual leave? More flexible working hours? Insights gleaned from comprehensive exit interviews enable you to better shape your company culture, creating a workspace that not only motivates employees but in which they are happy to work.

Why exit interviews?
– Understand the real reasons for leaving
– Reduce turnover, increase retention
– Save time & costs
– Improve employee engagement & workplace culture

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