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Being Effective on LinkedIn

Create your Profile

1. Photo

Use a professional photo that is well cropped and clearly shows your face, head and shoulders is ideal.
X Photos from your last holiday or night out with friends are likely to give the wrong impression.


You are 7 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn with a photo.

2. Headline

Catch the eye of whoever is looking at it, a company name is fine but elaborate on this, make it catchy and most importantly keyword rich.


Marketing Specialist – Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, ATL and BTL Marketing…

3. Contact Information

Use your professional email address and personal Twitter account (as long as it is relevant and professional), add your company website and blog, again make sure it is professional and relevant.
You can also look to personalise your URL to something easier to remember.

4. Activity

Like, share, raise questions, respond to articles, the more achieve you are your connections will see.
Try and address this daily but ensure it is interesting and relevant.

5. Summary

Similar to your professional overview on your CV
Bullet points tend to work well to make achievements stand out and ensure you put in as many keywords as possible.
Adding contact details will allow those not in your network access to contacting you.
X Avoid writing in the third person, first person is more comfortable for most readers.

6. Experience

Same rules as the CV here, start with the most recent role and work back. Use company logo’s where possible, give a brief outline of the company, your role, duties and achievements.
 Make sure your dates here match your dates on your CV!

7. Projects

Showcase your portfolio of achievements and add links where possible.

8. Endorsements

Endorsements will improve your LinkedIn search ranking, make sure you are being endorsed for skills and expertise relevant to your career path.

9. Recommendations

Recommendations are great and work well as long as they are genuine, relevant and the person recommending does actually know what you do and can recommend you in context, again with these avoid hackneyed and overused phrases. Definitely avoid ‘quid pro quo’ references…they lack impact.
LinkedIn says that you should aim for 5-10 recommendations to increase your search ranking and try to keep them as current as possible.

10. Interests

Simple rule here, if it’s interesting add it, if it isn’t don’t. As with the CV avoid political affiliations, religions that could lead to some pre-judging you.

11. Advice for Contacting

If you are open to being contacted add your details here, it is visible to anyone who views your profile, so you may want to be clear on whom you want contacting you.